Zidane Hamid

The Pakistani Miracle Boy Is The Youngest Speaker In The World About Environment

Zidane Hamid born 03 January 2010 is a 8 years old child prodigy belongs to Kashmir Pakistan. At the very early age of 4 he started visiting different Schools and events to Speak about different topics.

He makes different kind of videos for Facebook and YouTube to inspire people about education, saving environment and peace.

The most inspiring feature of this genius is that since the age of 3 and half he started delivering lectures in fields on different topics of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Geography, Geology, Astronomy, IT, History, Poetry, Religion, and different Social topics. Which makes him the youngest Speaker of the world.

Tobacco Free Pakistan is an idea and campaign of 7 years old Zidane to reach to masses and aware them hazards of tobacco on humans and their environment.

Zidane Hamid

Zidane intends to spread it world wide , considering charity begins at home he has started campaign from home to city. His campaign changed the lives of people around him. He is very hope full to bring a great change to society.

Zidane is contributing to the environmental issues as well. He is working for the hottest environmental issues like Global Warming and climate change. He has taken upon himself the responsibility to create awareness of the most alarming challenge of global warming.

Confronting the planet. He is very conscious about climate change and authored a book related to the issues like global warming and harms to the planet earth. His book, “Books, Not Bombs” is soon to be published.

He emphasizes the world to pay attention to issues like climate change, water crisis, biodiversity threats etc in his interviews. He demands through his lectures that Pakistan and other developing countries should adopt preventive policies instead of curing and mitigation policies to cope with destructive effects of climate change.